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In the last 10 years, kayak fishing has become extremely popular. There are now several kayak manufacturers that have designed boats that are specifically targeted towards anglers. These kayaks are stable, wide, and have enough room for all your fishing equipment.

The popularity of kayak fishing sports have surge not only in the west, east, and gulf coasts in the US but also in the Midwest. Reasons for its popularity include its simplicity, price, and practicality.

For Dave and Edmund Martin brothers, kayak fishing is more than just a fun sports. They own a 75-horsepower bass boat. Twice or thrice a year, they visit rivers and lakes across the state to enjoy kayak fishing. The first time they tried it, Dave was 16 years old and Edmund was 14 years old. Their father was a fishing enthusiasts, and the three of them would spend their holidays in Florida or California.

Now older, Dave and Edmund have decided that it’s the perfect time to share their many fishing experiences. Their passion for the activity and knowledge about all things related to it make them experts on the field. In fact, Edmund was a guide outfitter in Deer Creek Observation Area for 3 years. Despite fishing for more than 10 years and kayak fishing for more than 5 years, the brothers still enjoy the activity. They like that there’s still so much more to learn about it.

The brothers founded American Style Water Sports Equipment to provide people interested in kayak fishing the information they need.

American Style Water Sports Equipment is the best source for authoritative content about fishing. It features stories, tips and tricks, destination suggestions, equipment reviews, and more. All content posted on this website are gathered or told by experts, thus you will have access to reliable information.