Vibe Kayaks SkipJack 90

The Vibe Skipjack 90 is known for its stability and maneuverability. It’s small in size, so it’s flexible and portable as well. The package usually comes with a deluxe seat, paddle, and mount rod holder. Other key features of this kayak are its two sealed hatches, which you can use to protect all your kayaking equipment. At 46 pounds and with four easy grip handle, you can easily carry and fit it in the back of your SUV.


You can usually buy well-made kayaks at $600 or more. However, the Vibe SkipJack 90 comes at a more affordable price. When you think about it’s features, it offers a great deal. The storage space for equipment and food is big enough. It excels in stability and has fantastic maneuverability. It can also withstand different water conditions, from bays to lakes and coastal oceans. Thus, it has everything you need to get started with kayak fishing.


Because Vibe SkipJack 90 is small, it can compromise your tracking capability. If you plan to use this kayak in a race, then you’ll lose. Also, the maximum capacity of this kayak is only 300 pounds. You can’t exactly bring heavy machinery or equipment. When you go out to fish, you have to take into account the load you’ll haul from the ocean, lake, or bay.


Considering that the Vibe SkipJack 90 is cheaper than well-made kayaks in the market, it is quite impressive. Though it’s not perfect, it offers several advantages that are perfect for beginner kayak fishing enthusiasts.